About me

Frederik Vaes

Exploring the connected universe


Artist Frederik Vaes makes the underlying visible and brings out the unconscious. Links are laid bare in an expression from the environment that is hidden in nature and ourselves. Structural basic forms come together, creating new patterns and relationships.

The world is a network of complicated interrelationships. The search and interpretation of this form the basis for the images. Being one with nature and seeing ourselves as nature in a connected world and universe is the starting point. Diving into an invisible world that forms the basis for our environment is made visible. Structures, systems and patterns are made to understand connections.


Frederik Vaes

BE – 3380 Glabbeek

+32 497 58 43 80




  • Helixagon – Permanent land art project – Linter
  • Groupexpo Kunst in de stad – Roeselaere
  • Sculpture Ineos – Antwerpen
  • Memorial WO I – Glabbeek
  • Groupexpo Kunsthuis Apart – Gullegem


  • Groupexpo Depression unveiled – Antwerpen
  • Groupexpo Kunst in de kerk – Glabbeek
  • Expo pop-up-café – Tienen
  • Groupexpo Knoflook – Kortrijk


  • Biënnale Klein Sculptuur – Belfort Brugge
  • Groupexpo Oooh – Z33 Hasselt


  • Groupexpo – Hoegaarden
  • Kunst in het kasteel – Glabbeek